Wednesday, September 9, 2009

USF's promise to its students

USF promises its students:
  • Learning in the Jesuit Catholic tradition of educating persons to their full human potential and challenging them to wrestle with the fundamental questions of purpose and meaning;
  • An academically excellent education that offers the knowledge, skills, values, sensitivities and motivation to succeed in a chosen profession, field or career and contribute to a more humane and just world for all;
  • A direct, informed, global or local experience of the human condition that heightens awareness of the world's inequities and suggests a moral framework for decision-making;
  • Opportunities to enjoy the diverse and multiple opportunities available in San Francisco, a world-class city on the edge of the Pacific Rim;
  • A campus culture that promotes engagement, embraces technology, supports friendships, fosters appreciation for the arts and encourages an enjoyable, healthy and responsible style of living and learning together;
USF offers all of the above in a context that allows students to complete their undergraduate degree in four years and professional and graduate degrees in the time specified by the program.